"Mom's Garden" preformed plate liners


Our "Mom's Garden" liners in the original, flat style were one of our most popular patterns so we decided to make it in our pre-formed style as well. It has a fresh, natural look that looks beautiful on any table and pairs nicely with all of our plates. Try it at your next dinner party in the garden or bring the fresh greens of the outside world inside!

These liners are made of our heaviest duty parchment paper, thick enough to withstand cutting with a knife and useful for any meal, even those with greasy, saucy foods. They have a ruffled edge and come already formed in the shape of our plates which makes for easy plate lining. They are an eco-friendly option too, as they are fully compostable.

  • Set of 40 preformed liners
  • Made of 100% compostable genuine vegetable parchment paper