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At Plate & Pattern we carefully choose materials that mimic current style trends and select patterns to compliment every occasion. Our goal is to help you serve with style and ease!


The Plates

We chose seagrass as the material for our woven plates because it is an eco-friendly, renewable, marsh-growing reed which is naturally repellent to dust and dirt. These plates are strong and beautiful, with a casual, coastal feel that adds texture and warmth to your table décor. They are super easy to clean, just wipe food spills with a damp cloth and dry before storing. The wood bottom board is made from eco-friendly wood fiber and provides a more stable eating surface. Like all handwoven basketry crafted by artisans, you may notice slight variations in your plates.

Galvanized metal was an easy choice for plates because of its increasing popularity in homes of all styles and its ability to provide a neutral palette on which to layer any color or design. It is an essential material in modern farmhouse design, and we love its rustic, industrial look. The rivets along the top rim add character to the plate and also serve to help hold the parchment paper liners in place. Our galvanized metal plates are so easy to clean - just wipe food spills with a damp cloth and dry before storing. They are very durable and look great with any of our liners.


The Liners

All P&P plates must be used with a liner, and our compostable liners are made using 100% genuine vegetable parchment, a natural, biodegradable product with a super smooth finish. Free from impurities like starch, gelatin, casein, and formaldehyde, this material has excellent fat and water-resistant properties. One parchment paper liner is enough to withstand cutting, and can handle sauces, dressings, and salsas beautifully, but if serving a meal with lots of sauce you may want to use two liners for added protection. We use food grade dye for all designs and include a “starter set” of 20 classic white parchment paper liners with the purchase of all plate sets.