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When my mother-in-law gifted me a set of wicker “basket plates” at my wedding shower, I loved how they looked stylish and could be used as a sturdy plate for any meal I served but also made for an easy cleanup when my guests were gone. For 30 years the plates survived multiple events: dinner parties, my three daughter’s soccer and lacrosse team dinners, baby showers, birthday parties, and meals when we wanted to eat on our laps in front of the TV, like when watching the Superbowl or on family movie night. For years guests have asked where the plates are from? My “aha” moment came when I found nobody sells anything like them! Wanting an update on the style of plates and a way to easily change up the look of my tablescape with different liner designs, I began working on Plate & Pattern. I love browsing through recipes and coming up with a theme when I entertain, choosing a liner pattern that fits the vibe. However, as much as I love cooking, entertaining, and setting a pretty table, I believe the most important part of any gathering isn’t what is served or how the table looks, it’s spending time with family and friends - and cleanup could not be easier with our plates and liners! I hope you enjoy and get as much use out of your plates and liners as I do mine.

Molly Wendt, Founder P&P