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I am a sucker for anything in the Tabletop category, but I have found my new favorite thing with Plate & Pattern! My favorite part is being able to change my table décor just by changing the liners so I can host a baby shower, summer BBQ, NBA playoff watch party, or my son’s football team all with the same plates. I have the seagrass – now I think I need the white metal!

Erin M - Savannah, GA 


So excited to have found Plate & Pattern. It’s my favorite new gift to give people for birthday, holiday, hostess gift, teacher gift. It’s such a unique gift and really fun to give different liners, too.

Joy D - Austin, TX


Your galvanized metal plates are the best! I love the Deer liners, I layer one on top of a different patterned liner to change it up. Are you coming out with more designs?

Lauren R - Boulder, CO


Some friends just brought Plate & Pattern galvanized plates and liners to an event I was working at and to say the least I am smitten. Mostly I do private chef work so dishes are often more than I can handle alone.  Your product is going to save me hundreds of hours of work, and I couldn’t be more excited to get my hands on some of them.  Brilliant idea, I love the entire concept. 

Ryan T - Ashland, OR


Love, love, love my woven seagrass plates! I have 4 sets and my friend has 3 sets so we share back and forth and can serve 30 people. I always get compliments – where did you come up with this great idea?!

Katherine B - Charleston, SC


I just returned from a fly fishing trip and the chef plated all the meals using your product. I thought your galvanized plates were brilliant! I bought some of them and my wife was sold, too, at least for our Airstream camper. She really enjoyed the freedom of eliminating some of the dish duty.  We have to manage our gray water tank capacity, so not washing dishes helps a lot.  And everyone really enjoyed their versatility.  It was easy for the kids to carry their plates and they all thought it was a novel idea. Next up will be the woven seagrass plates for our beachhouse!

Christopher A - Hillsborough, CA


I have a set of the woven seagrass plates. I love your products. I keep turning them on to my friends.

Shelly S - Santa Barbara, CA

I love my new plates!  They were perfect for a beautiful Cal Shakes pre-play picnic dinner.  

Caroline L. - Orinda, CA


I bought a couple sets of your metal plates, thinking they would be great for using with my little ones - easy for them to hold, more sturdy than paper plates, no breakage if they drop them (which seems to happen often!), and easy peasy cleanup. Quickly realized I needed more sets which I use anytime I have a crew of kids over and recently for my daughter's birthday party - perfect!! All the parents noticed them so you'll have a bunch of new customers headed your way!

Bree M. - Dallas, TX


I love love love your idea and see so many possibilities with this product. Cannot wait to see what is ahead. These would make great gifts for my clients, and I have sent them to lots of family members. I am looking forward to new designs - I am going to be hosting a baby shower so .... if you come up with something let me know.  I am a FAN!!! 

Dawn A. - Warrenton, VA